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Sector X is the future of fun and a great experience. Whether you're looking for something new to do, or just a cool place to hang out, Sector X has something for everyone.


Level 1

You can hang out in the Esports lounge and play on ultra-fast, PCs from ORIGIN playing on 27inch, 280hz ASUS monitors.  Or enjoy playing on our PS-4s and Nintendo Switch set-ups.

Level 2

Reserve a booth for you and up to (4) friends and enjoy some drinks and snacks while you experience Virtual Reality like never before.

Take it up a notch and suit up for some multiplayer action in our premier rooms.


Sector X is place where you can play for a few hours, have a party, hold a corporate event, practice with your Esports team and watch LIVE sports. There's always something exciting happening at Sector X.


Sector X is one of the safest places to have fun. We take your health as well as ours, seriously. Our facility and employees make sure that our gear is clean, disinfected and ready to use.


The entire venue is cleaned throughout the day and all common areas are regularly disinfected between each guest usage/group of guests.


We are observing Local and State guidelines, guests are currently not required to wear facemasks inside.


After each guest uses the equipment it is either cleaned or replaced with newly disinfected equipment. Our equipment is cleaning in a UV-C light sanitizer box.


Below is one of our UV-C Lightboxes used to sanitize our VR headsets after usage.

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