Sector X is the future of fun and great experience. Featuring the best esports, AR and VR experiences that will amaze and immerse all who enter.


  • Play on ultra-fast, gaming computers from ORIGIN playing on 27inch, 280hz ASUS monitors.  

  • Our fiber optic infrastructure is built for competition-level gaming in our esports arena.

  • NEW 2K Cosmos Elite Headsets for our multi-player VR thematic arenas, replete with haptic vests and body sensors for intense, immersive experiences. 


Take that Technology and pair it with a team of experts who understand what's behind the systems and you have a center like no other. Which is why we'll be sharing this unique talent by bringing camps, clinics and leagues, both online and in-person to South Jersey this June when we open our doors. 

Sector X is place where you can play for a few hours, have a birthday party, hold a corporate event, practice with your Esports team and watch LIVE Esports events. There's always something exciting happening at Sector X.

Prepare to be amazed!


Sector X is one of the safest places to have fun. Our facility was designed from the ground up to surpass all the strictest requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Sector X has installed a hospital grade ventilation system that removes the air from the building every 10 minutes.

UV Lights

Sector X has installed UV-C Led sanitation lighting throughout the facility to help kill germs and bacteria.

Social Distancing

Six-foot social distancing markers will be displayed throughout common areas. All VR experiences are solo experience in 10x10 rooms. Esports players will be seated 6 feet apart.


After each guest uses the equipment it is either cleaned or replaced with newly disinfected equipment. Our equipment is cleaning in a UV-C light sanitizer box.


In accordance with Local and State guidelines, guests are required to wear facemasks.


The entire venue is cleaned throughout the day and all common areas are regularly disinfected.