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Futuristic FUN

Sector X is an amazing birthday party venue for kids and teens. We set up, clean up, and supervise the event. That means that parents can just sit back, enjoy, and take pictures of all the fun...or they can get in on the action too!

Sector X has an event host who will work with you and your family and friends to put the perfect celebration together. Your party pro is the dedicated party-day host that helps guide your experience and keep the action moving along. Our party packages make for easy decision making, and you can also add specific upgrades to your party to make your birthday party unique for your needs.

Sector X parties are not just limited to birthdays, they are perfect for graduation parties, sweet 16’s, holidays, or any other special occasion.


Sector X parties are unlike any other. Partygoers can experience and interact with new worlds or they can play in a virtual world as a team. Everyone will be talking about how amazing the party was and we do all the work. So skip the party planning and preparation and go right to the fun part.

Party Package

Every Sector X Party Includes:

  • (x1) Reserved Party Room

  • Private Party Attendant

  • Group Free Play on our competition-level Esports PC’s in a reserved area on the stage

  • One Session per guest in our multiplayer VR game

  • 2 Liters of Soda, 2 Large Cheese Pizzas (Add one each for 9-12 guest parties)

  • Guest of Honor gets a t-shirt and an exclusive Sector X “Player 1” Lanyard

  • A Sector X goody bag for every party guest

Party Package: 4-8 Guests


Party Package: 9-12 Guests