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Dave Girgenti

About Sector X

Sector X is the future of fun and learning. Featuring the best esports, AR and VR experiences that will amaze and immerse all who enter.


- We're providing ultra-fast, gaming computers from ORIGIN playing on 27inch, 280hz ASUS monitors.  

- All of which is supported by a fiber optic infrastructure for competition-level gaming in our esports arena.

- Deploying the NEW 2K Cosmos Elite Headsets for our multi-player VR thematic arenas, replete with haptic vests and body sensors for intense, immersive experiences. 


Take that Technology and pair it with a team of experts who understand what's behind the systems and you have a center like no other. Which is why we'll be sharing this unique talent by bringing camps, clinics and leagues, both online and in-person to South Jersey this June when we open our doors. 


Prepare to be amazed !

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