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First of its kind in the US

A completely immersive, 4D, multiplayer Experience

Featured Game: The Warp

“The Warp” is a Sci-Fi Thriller Multiplayer Experience.


You and your friends are an elite team on a rescue mission. A ship in your fleet has been floating through space unresponsive. Your mission is to board the ship, get it powered up, and find the crew. But not all goes to plan when you encounter an alien species aboard.


Will you and your team achieve your mission? Will you survive?

The  Warp .png
Copy of TheWarp_Monorail_01.png
Copy of TheWarp_Monorail_02.png

Approximately 30 minutes


2-4 players


Currently recommended for guests age 12 and up due to frightening sci-fi imagery and intense action sequences.

Copy of TheWarp_Corridor_01.png

First in the US 4D Experience

The Sector X VR Arena was created by Xist. A company based out of the UK.


The Arena utilizes fans, heat, scent and more to make the experience more realistic and immersive.


Sector X Cherry Hill is the first location in North America to provide games created specifically for this arena. We will be rolling out new games for guest to try each season!

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