Computer Skills 101

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Basic computer skills are one of most valuable skills a child can learn to have a step up in todays tech-oriented world. On top of basic skills there are many tips and tricks that can help kids have an easier, better, more interesting and productive experience when using popular computer programs. Campers will start learning to type, learning what makes a computer run, troubleshooting the most common issues computers have and what causes them, have access to popular computer programs and even learning basic coding.

Coding camp 101 w/Mit Scratch

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

If your child has an interest in tech, this is the perfect introduction to what goes into creating the digital world. Campers will learn the basics of coding and computer science using MIT's Scratch, a block-based visual programming language. Scratch is easy to use, and has an active, worldwide community of students and educators. Using Scratch, campers can create their own games, animations, and digital experiences. This camp is a fun, interactive introduction to the Scratch community and to some of the most fundamental, basic concepts of computer science & programming.

Into to Game Design Camp

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Does your child love video games and would love to make one of their own? In this camp, campers will learn the principles of game design, covering core concepts. Good game design involves an understanding of how to build your own mechanics and gameplay,  to create a fun and enjoyable user experience. It also need good music and creative characters and visuals. This course will involve studying the design and mechanics of games like Pong, Tetris, & Tic-Tac-Toe. We will also explore various resources that students can use to create their own artwork, and discuss how they might include it in their own games.

Coding in Unity Game Engine

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Unity is on of the most popular programs used in video game creation ever. In this course, Campers will learn how to create. Campers will be building on the fundamentals they learned from Intro to Game Design, now using one of the most powerful tools in both Game and App design. We’ll begin with explaining the difference between 2D and 3D game development; then dive into creating 3D scenes and characters. Campers will also learn how to overlay their creations with the real world, using Augmented Reality technology!

Game Design Academy w/GameMaker

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Create games using the primary tool used in the creation of popular games like Five Nights At Freddy’s, Undertale, and Freedom Planet. Building on our Intro to Game Design Camp, we will explore how to go further into the creation of a video game using GameMaker, a popular as accessible game design software. Campers will learn how to make games like the indie pros from scratch – from concept to storyboard, creation and testing. From there, they will learn how to create characters and add life to their game through interactivity. Finally, we’ll show them how to self-publish their games, to share with their friends and family!

3D Modeling w/Blender and AR

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Blender is the world's premiere free and open source tools for creating 3D computer graphics. Campers will be shown how to create their own basic models & materials, and how to apply 2D textures created in an image editor. Afterwards, they will be shown how to follow simple export procedures so that their models can be displayed in the real world through augmented reality!

Fantasy strike FGC Esports Camp

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Campers are going to take a deep dive into how esports works, it’s events and how to improve to a top level. We’ll talk about the history of the arcade scene, and it’s evolution. All the while, immersing into the highly competitive, and highly accessible game, Fantasy Strike. After learning all the important tactics like offense, defense, movement, zoning, and managing tilt, students will end the session with a tournament produced and run by our professional esports production team. Campers will leave with the will and knowledge of how to improve (and some sweet tournament prizes)!

Roblox Camp with Game Design

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Roblox is a popular game and online community all about mini games and collaboration with other players around the world. We’ll spend time teaching campers skills in teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of sharing and implementing ideas, as they compete in tournament events including Ninja Obstacle Courses, Epic Survival challenges, Battle Blox, and more. Campers will also get the chance to design and create their own 3D worlds. Choosing from a variety of different templates, campers can select their type of world and customize their environment adding cool features and characters!

Fortnite Esports Camp

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Fortnite took the world by storm and is still of the most popular and most watched battle royale style video games out there. Campers will be taught strategy and skills to improve there gameplay. They’ll also be taught They’ll also get to learn how it was created and have endless fun with other kids who love the game as much as they do!

Rocket League Esports Camp

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.


YouTube Video Production

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

There was a time when every kid wanted to be a Youtuber, today that dream is within reach for every child, but there are certain aspects of vlogging and video production that makes some videos stand out from the crowd. We’ll teach campers about selecting your equipment, basics of film and videography, lighting, and editing to help them produce high quality content that sets them apart.

Building A Streaming & Twitch

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag and lanyard.

Streaming and video game commentary has grown in popularity in recent years. With accessibility to high quality yet affordable equipment and user-friendly sites like Twitch, it’s easier than ever to start your own channel and start generating views. Campers will learn how to choose the right equipment, set up and run a stream and even get to do a mock livestream commentary of their own all in a fun, safe, collaborative environment!

Graphic Design Camp

X-Campers receive a t-shirt, tote bag, lanyard & Sneakers

Campers express their creativity and learn practical and technical computer skills by creating their very own custom apparel. Using graphic design software, campers complement their creativity with the proper technical skills to produce designs for a t-shirt and sneakers that they get to take home at the end of the week!