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Summer 2023 X Camps & Programs

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STEM - Coding & Design
Computer Skills 101 + PC Building

3D Modeling and Design with Blender

Coding Camp with Scratch

Intro to Streaming & Production for Twitch


Valorant Esports Program

Super Smash Bros Esports Camp
Apex Legends Esports Program

Overwatch Esports Program

Computer Skills 101 + PC Building Camp

Ages 10-14          Jun 26-30

​Basic computer skills are one of most valuable skills a child can learn to have a step up in today's tech-oriented world.

On top of basic skills there are many tips and tricks that can help kids have an easier, better, more interesting and productive experience when using popular computer programs. Throughout the week, campers will not only learn the software but they will experience all that goes into building their own PC. Campers will learn how each major component of a PC works, then how they all come together to make a fully functioning computer!

Program Highlights:

  • PC main hardware components and what they do

  • How PC Parts come together to build a functioning machine

  • Basics of PC software [settings, functions, tools, troubleshooting, etc.]

  • Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for using any PC

All Campers Leave With:

  • Course Booklet & Guide

  • X Camps t-shirt, tote bag, and lanyard!

Game Design Camp with GameMaker

Ages 10-14             Jun 11-15

Create games using the engine used for popular games like Five Nights At Freddy’s, Undertale, and Freedom Planet.

We will explore the creation of a video game using GameMaker, a popular and accessible game design software. Campers will learn how to make games like the indie pros from scratch – from concept to storyboard, creation and testing. From there, they will learn how to create characters and add life to their game through interactivity. Finally, we’ll show them how to self-publish their games, to share with their friends and family!

Program Highlights:

  • Steps in the video game creation process

  • How to make a storyboard

  • Basics of video game design elements (music, graphics, gameplay, etc.)

  • Testing and publishing self-made games

All Campers Leave With:

  • Their completed game to share with friends and family

  • X Camps t-shirt, tote bag, and lanyard!

Intro to Streaming and Production for Twitch

Ages 12-16                   Aug 14-18

Streaming and video game commentary has steadily grown in popularity, this program will teach campers how to produce high-quality content that stands out from the crowd.

With accessibility to high quality yet affordable equipment and user-friendly sites like Twitch, it’s easier than ever to start your own channel and start generating views. We’ll teach campers about selecting equipment, basics of videography and streaming, lighting, and editing to help them produce high quality content that sets them apart. They’ll even get to do a mock livestream commentary of their own all in a fun, safe, collaborative environment!

Program Highlights:

  • Introduction to video production

  • Videography, lighting, and editing

  • Learning about publishing online content

  • Mock livestream commentary

All Campers Leave With:

  • USB with a clip of their own mock livestream

  • X Camps t-shirt, tote bag, and lanyard!

Super Smash Bros. Esports Camp

Ages 10-14           Jul 17-21

Learn the ins and outs of how to play as your favorite Smash character from a regional pro!

The Super Smash Bros series is renowned for its iconic Nintendo representation and know as one of the most family-friendly Esports. In this program, we’ll introduce campers to the competitive aspects of the game, including general and character specific strategy, as well as the history of it’s scene and how competition events work. Not only that, they’ll meet and learn from world-class players and gain insight into what it takes to be a pro. The end of the program will feature an all-student tournament with our full production team for livestream and recording.

Program Highlights:

  • Game and character-specific strategy

  • Skills for attending and participating in competitive events

  • How to grow and improve in the Esports scene

  • A private tournament complete with prizes

All Campers Leave With:

  • A free pass to compete in Sector X's next Smash Monthly tournament

  • X Camps t-shirt, tote bag, and lanyard!

Apex Legends Esports Program

Ages 12-16                  Jul 31 - Aug 4

Apex Legends is one of the most popular and accessible free-to-play action games. 

In this program, we’ll be teaching general and character-specific game strategies and showing students how to improve their gaming fundamentals through the Aimlab training program. The skills they learn throughout this program can be carried over to any other FPS/TPS PC game. The final day of the program will feature a tournament between all participants, with live production by our team.

Program Highlights:

  • Character and game-specific gameplay strategy

  • Useable tools for improving skills in FPS/TPS games

  • Gaming fundamentals lessons and training

  • A private tournament with live production

All Campers Leave With:

  • A voucher for 4 free hours on Sector X's gaming PC's

  • X Camps t-shirt, tote bag, and lanyard!

Compute Skills
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